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Things On The Brain April 4, 2017

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It is VERY HARD work to bend over, hold onto a seat and run behind a bicycle that is being “ridden” by a 60 lb boy.  My back is still stiff and I’m in pain from this past weekends 2 wheeler lessons.  I know he will get it when he’s ready, just as with everything else and I don’t usually force things – Potty training and shoe-lace tying come to mind – But right about now, I AM READY for him to catch bike riding.


Gynecological visits are different after 40.  The doctor asked questions and brought up topics that we’d never discussed before.  That’s all I’ll say about that.  Moving right along.


Fresh squeezed tangerine juice from Wegmans is awesome!  Even if a small bottle costs $5.  The green vegetable juice they have is just as bad as all green juices are that people try to convince you taste good even though everyone knows they don’t really.

Oh, and the cream filled coffee cake muffin from Wawa?  Also awesome!  And can I get a hip hip hooray for all the fruit that’s tasting sweet again now that we are out of winter.


I no longer suffer from Spring allergies apparently.  Woo hoo!!!


Despite my assumptions that my emotions around it would be temporary  – I get a pit in my stomach every single time I drive past the middle school sign that announces the date for incoming middle schoolers orientation.


I’m not really into the whole lighting it up blue thing but I know that friends and family who do it/promote it, are only doing so to show support so I appreciate that very much.  At Jays school the kids wore blue t-shirts and let off blue balloons but when I asked him why they did that he had no idea.  I kinda feel like if they are going to have an acknowledgment of the day and are going to include the kids, there should be some education around the ‘why’ of it.


It has taken me a lot of time and money to find products that I like for my hair.  I have thrown away LOTS of mostly full bottles of stuff that promised and then failed to moisturize and tame my curls.  I finally found a conditioner I loved and it was super affordable … NOW, it has been discontinued so I am back on the hunt.  Ugh!


My phone is dying and I am in no mood to replace it.  The latest thing it does?  Shuts off once it gets to 40% power.  No Bueno.


Knitting a blanket takes a LONG time.  I have one that my Grand Aunt made for me years ago and while I always loved and cherished it, I now have a whole new appreciation for the effort it took her to make it.  Oh, yeah … I have started learning how to knit.  Send yarn 🙂


Often I write about what is happening in our lives just to have a forever record of it.  Other times (like today), I write about random things to distract myself from other things that are pressing on my brain.  Money Stuff, Travel Stuff, Health Stuff, Not Enough Time Stuff, Job Stuff.  All the stuff we wish would just go smoothly and that we wish we never had to worry about so we could focus on more fun things – But all the stuff that actually keeps us up at night and that we wish we could share with people so that the load would be lighter.  Alas!  Instead of hearing about why I tossed and turned last night due to an overactive, worried, brain, you now know what kind of juice I like and that knitting is an awesome way to be productive while your son is reading you a story about Transformers and even though you don’t hear one word he says, he thinks you are listening which makes him happy so win-win.


One Response to “Things On The Brain”

  1. sharrlar Says:

    I understand! Write away! I do it too (wink, wink)

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