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Vacation In Statuses May 22, 2017

I tried writing a post about our family vacation.  It sucked.

Not the vacation.  That didn’t suck.  That was awesome.  The post sucked because it didn’t really do a good job of showing the fun we had and how nice it was to spend time with our Jamaican family.


While we were away I never updated my Facebook status.  Partly because there were a lot of times that I was without wifi access and partly because I was enjoying my down time and I just wasn’t that interested in updating my profile.


Anyway, my new approach to writing about our trip is to take what could have easily been quick statuses and putting them here.


I love waking up in Jamaica.  I love the sounds and the smells.  I love sitting out on the verandah (porch) and having people say good morning as they walk by on the street.  I love looking out at the mountains in the distance and the mango trees in the yard as I sip my coffee.


Another morning and another pleasant start to my day.  Mr Foody came by with his cart full of produce.  I thought the kids would be taken with the man selling fruits and veggies gate to gate and with the man chopping open coconuts to pour out the water and then us scooping out the jelly to eat but no … they were taken with the lizards crawling around on the ground and in the cart.  I did love to see them outside barefooted though.


Had a great day in May Pen.  Spent a couple of hours at the pool.  (I love seeing my boys and Shaunie enjoy a place where I grew up and have spent hundreds of hours having fun).  Got to see Uncle C who was as funny and welcoming as ever.  I love listening to his stories.  Also got to see my girl Cissy and my 15 year old uncle who is now taller than I am.  Ate some road side food and even managed to get a punctured tire.  All part of the fun I guess.

*Yeah, I have an actual uncle who is barely older than my kids.  Our family is interesting*


Special Needs traveling tip – When on vacation, keep some things normal for your little one.  We still did pizza Friday and maintained their normal bed time schedule.  We gave as much advanced notice about the days plan as possible and scheduled down time.  An overstimulated kid does not make for a pleasant companion.


Convo and laughs and food and drinks with people you have known since you were 11 years old is always a good time.




Went out on Saturday night – Got home at 5:30 am – Showered and got dressed for 6:30 am Church.  Yup.  Sure did.  I’d do anything for my Aunty and us all going to Church is #1 on her list of things she likes us to do when we’re together.


People know Kingston and Ocho Rios, but have you ever heard of a place named Swamp District?  Don’t let the name fool you.  It’s pretty cool.  Best part of being there as far as Jay was concerned?  Seeing a cow poop.  Smh!  He also, got to pet a chicken and I introduced the kids to “Touch Me Not”.  It’s a grass like thing that closes up when you touch it.  I love country life.  P.s.  Shaunies family is quite large and they were all super warm to us and we ended up staying longer than we had initially planned because we were enjoying their company.  We even got freshly squeezed sour sop juice.


Hello North Coast! (aka, Touristy part of the island).  Left the sun block back in Kingston so don’t be too rough on our American skin ok?


I have water babies.  There’s no denying it.  From wake up time to bed time, this is what they did.  Play in the pool and then go to the beach and then back to the pool.


According to Ace, he loves Jamaica because it’s all pool and beach and free food and people cleaning up after you.  He doesn’t understand that if he lived there he’d have to go to school and he’d have chores and he wouldn’t live in an all-inclusive resort.


OMG, the time goes by too fast.  There are people I didn’t get to see or didn’t get to spend enough time with.  There are places I didn’t make it to and food I didn’t get to eat.  Breadfruit and an icy bag juice come to mind.  I did get cane and jerk and peanut porridge and ackee and cherries and (Jamaican) apples picked right off the tree and Devon House Ice-Cream and fish on the beach and festival and bammy.  Even got oxtail tacos and curry goat egg rolls.


I tried really hard to stay away from American news while I was on vacation, but just about everyone I spoke to wanted to know what the heck is up with my President.  Wish I knew.


We all got tanned pretty well.  I’m sure the peeling will start soon.  That means I can’t wear any make up for a while.  For one, I don’t have any that matches the colour I now am.  For two, make up on peeling skin just looks gross.


Down to the wire – Ate my last mango in the airport – After we checked in – Before we went through security.


When I think about the trip, one of my favourite memories, hands down, will be that of seeing my nearly 90 year old Aunt help Ace with his math homework.  He took no time at all figuring out that she was the best person to direct his questions to.  She’s a former math teacher and high school principal.  I love her lots and I love that she was able to spend some quality time with my 2 young men.  I want them to have good memories of her.


Jay left his glasses.  We wouldn’t be us if someone hadn’t left something.


I don’t know when we’ll be back in Jamaica.  Every time I go I say I won’t let so much time go by before the next trip, but …. Life.

Before this visit, it had been 2 years since we were on the island but 4 since we got to spend quality time with my Aunty.


Wouldn’tcha know it, with all the pictures we took, and there were a lot, the best one we got of all 4 of us together can’t be shared with anyone.  It was taken on the beach.  The sun is shining.  The sky and the water are all shades of blue.  There are palm trees on a small island in the background.  The scenery is gorgeous.   We’re all smiling and happy.  Alas, Shaunie and I are in bathing suits and neither one of us are comfortable having bathing suit pictures posted online.


Until next time Jamaica – You will always be #1 in my heart.


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  1. Lisa Says:

    Sounds like a marvelous trip!! Hope you don’t go 2 years between visits… 🙂

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