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That Kind Of Week June 1, 2017

Came home to see that all the pretty flowers Shaunie had planted in front of our house had died.  Or had been eaten.  They looked like they had been eaten.  Shaunie hates doing yard work so this was particularly offensive to her.  (1)


Had to deal with an issue at Ace’s school.  There were problems between him and another student.  I was peeved that in speaking with the principal, I had to pull quotes directly from the “Code of Conduct” guidelines (which is prominently posted on the districts website) in order for him to step in.  I suppose there are parents who attend meetings or make accusations or request action without doing their homework first.  I am not that parent.   I assure you, I know the school year is winding down and you just WANT it to be over.  I get that.  But.  I NEED my son to be safe and to feel comfortable coming to school every day.  Right down to the last day.  Thanks!  (2)


We have to move in a couple of months.   It’s unexpected news.  Moving is inconvenient.  And it’s expensive.  Also, it might force us to cancel our summer vacation which we were really looking forward to as it involved a plane ride to somewhere neither of us had ever been and it involved a beach.  Also worth mentioning is that it did not involve children.  (3)


As I was leaving home for work I noticed that Jay had gone to school without his glasses.  When I relayed that information to Shaunie she said:  “Oh yeah?  He also went to school with mis-matched socks.  It’s just that kind of day.”  (4)



Basically, what I want to know is this: Is it the weekend yet?  I’m ready.



Shaunie may not be ready though because while I’ll be relaxing by the beach, she will be single-parenting the 2 boys – One of whom has run out of ADHD medicine and cannot get in to see his doctor for a refill until Monday.



(1) The hanging basket of flowers by the front door is thriving and looks beautiful.  Also, our grass, which had seen worse days, is looking good again.

(2) I think (hope), it’s been sufficiently handled and there will be no further issues.

(3) We have good friends who have offered their services in the form of helping to pack and move items and to even provide boxes.  Re the vacation, I said, “MIGHT” affect.

(4) He doesn’t have any tests today and it’s not picture day.


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