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Work Life Balance November 1, 2018

Enjoy it. The kids grow up so fast.

You really should eat better and exercise.

Don’t stay in an abusive relationship.

Save money and maintain good credit.


All good advice. All things that people say to help others and all things that people already know to be true or right. BUT. Also all things that can be super hard to fully appreciate when you are in the thick of just getting through each day.

I get it. Oh, do I get it. I’ve been guilty of wishing away time and waiting for the kids to get older because in that moment, things were just so incredibly difficult. I’ve not eaten for weeks because I was stressed out and I am so bad at working out that it’s not even worth mentioning. I had never been to the doctor for a check-up until about 2 weeks ago when Shaunie made an appointment and forced my hand. I’ve never been in an abusive relationship but there were definitely some unhealthy situations that I allowed to linger for too long. And I took a long time to get my financial situation in order; (Well into my 30’s).


Making these positive changes gives you such a different life though that once you’ve done it, you get severely annoyed at yourself for not doing it sooner.


Don’t be a slave to your job. Take time off. Create a good work/life balance.

More advice that well-meaning people give and that we all know to be valid. Then we go back to our 2 hour commutes and our 12 hour work days and our 160 hours of built up vacation time.


I spent nearly 3 years in that life. Leaving home before 6 am and not getting home till after 6 pm. At home, things kept moving. The wheels kept spinning. I just missed A LOT of it. For 2 years, I told myself that I really needed to start looking for a new job and then I didn’t for one reason or another.

3 weeks ago I started a new job and it’s been indescribable.


I get to sleep in a little longer in the morning and I still get home when it’s light outside.

I sometimes make dinner for my family and clean up and can still find a minute to sit and watch some TV or read a chapter of my book before it gets dark.


I get to drop my boy off to school and hear him marvel at the colours of the sky when we step outside. This morning it was glorious shades of hot pink and bright blue.

For the entire month of October, there was a family who lives next to Jays school who used a skeleton family to depict various fun activities. They changed it every day. It was so fun. Jay and I loved pulling up to see what the skeleton family was up to each day.


Ace and I get a few minutes in the morning to chit chat before he heads out to the bus stop. It’s invaluable. Yesterday I spent some time talking with him and one of his friends as they waited for the bus.

The boys and I have gone on Burger King and Taco Bell dates in the afternoons and we were able to do a make-up tennis lesson on Monday evening.

The tutor can come earlier in the afternoon so that we can have more time before bed to either get things done or just hang out.


Simple things really. But oh my gosh they are the BEST things.


I know in the vast majority of cases, people need to learn lessons in their own time; not because someone told them to. We all make moves when we are truly ready to do them. As one of my best friends told me recently, “I know I complain about being fat, but if it was really a problem to me, I’d do something about it.” I do understand that. But if there is anything I can do or say to encourage you to take the step you’ve been wanting to take – but have been procrastinating on – please let me know. I’ll do or say it.


You won’t be sorry. I promise.


And now I need to seriously get into some sort of workout routine – And stick to it.


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