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A New Journey April 23, 2019

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It’s been quiet over here lately.

That’s mostly because:

  1. I no longer feel compelled to journal the everyday happenings in my boys lives. To be honest, things are going pretty typically for 11 and 12 year old boys.  That’s a good thing.
  2. I don’t think MY everyday is all that exciting. Anything cute or funny that comes up is quite easily captured in a short Facebook post.


You don’t get rid of me THAT easily though.  And in fact, now you get 2 of us because Shaunie and I have decided to partner up and blog about our adventures in vacationing. Yes, the boys will make appearances but they won’t be the stars of the show anymore.


Our first post is up and running and I’d very much appreciate it, if you’d click over there and give us a read and a follow.


I am not taking down the Jay Train / B Side.  I may pop back in from time to time if something comes up so if you haven’t yet, please still follow here so you can get notified if a new post shows it’s face.


I have LOVED this corner of the internet for 8 years.  My boys have grown up here.  Just look at my profile picture. Can you believe that in a couple of months that BABY will be in middle school and next year Ace will be in HIGH school?

To every single person who ever reached out with a kind word or commented with a suggestion: I am forever grateful to you.  I will cherish the things I have learned and the friends I have made. Your support altered my life. That is NOT hyperbole.

So … This is not goodbye, it’s more of a “lets cross the street and check out the view from over there”.


But for real though, click –> HERE <– and help our new blog to get going.  😊

Pretty please – and BIG thanks!


XOXO always, Deenie


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