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Nose Bleed April 22, 2013

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I know this may change later but for now, animals are Jay’s NUMBER ONE obsession.  He loves them all.  From ants to elephants.  From bees to wildebeests.  From dogs and cats to eagles and giraffes.  Did you know there was an animal called a tapir?  I do, thanks to Jay.  Have you ever heard of a narwhal?  Do you know anything about one?  How about a tamarin?  Jay knows them all.  His ability to remember animal names and information is astounding. He loves seeing animals:  In pictures, on the TV, in real life.  He loves having toy ones to play with and he loves saying their names over and over again.

That’s not to say he’s always as gentle with them as he should be.  Or that he always plays appropriately with a live one, but he has good intentions.  He’s still learning that part.

CC and Ace are both animal lovers too.  I go along for the ride as best as I can manage.


The problem with this is that animals are also the things that cause Jay (and therefore us) the most anxiety.  For example. he gets mad when he has seen one (or a picture of one) and says the name but we don’t repeat it back to him quickly enough.

Over the weekend, I was reminded of a fellow blogger, Neil.  His family is a hockey family.  It’s their thing.  It’s something they all enjoy together.  Neils son Ryan, loves hockey statistics.  Neil will tell you that Ryan obsesses over them.  So much so that lately, Ryan has been so caught up in one stat that he couldn’t even bear to watch hockey anymore.  Hockey had “turned on them.”  It made me sad for all 4 of them that they would lose something that brought them so much joy and created such a connection.  I’m happy to report that they seem to have turned a corner and were able to enjoy a hockey game together yesterday.


I’m hoping that we are able to find a way to nurture Jay’s love of animals without getting to the dark place that Jay got to yesterday.


Jay was looking out of the window in our bedroom, waiting for someone to walk a dog.  He just wanted to see a dog walk by.  He kept asking CC and I “Where doggie?”.

None came.

Jay was a fixture in that window and eventually got himself so worked up that his nose started bleeding.  It was quite significant.  Not only was his nose bleeding, he was sweating profusely.  CC stayed calm (he’s prone to nose bleeds) but I was terrified.

I mean really?  No dog walked by so he got a nose bleed?  This is brand new territory for us.

We (mostly CC) got Jay calmed down and cleaned up and the nose bleed stopped but he went right back to the window.  Still no dogs were being walked and still the questions came: “Where doggie?”


The rest of the day wasn’t bad.  We managed to go out to eat and Jay took a nap and I was able to do some chores that I have been meaning to get to … but I kept thinking about that wretched nose bleed.  I don’t want animals to be the thing that makes him have a bad day.  I sure don’t want him to keep getting anxiety induced nose bleeds.





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