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Because Apparently THIS Needs To Be Said.


I know I said I wasn’t going to be posting here that much anymore but then I got a message from someone I knew in high school and … well, here we are.


In the initial message this former classmate of mine tells me that his son has autism and he’s been researching autism reversal through diet and detox.

I see the words REVERSAL and DETOX and every alarm bell in my body goes off. I don’t want to be rude though and I really don’t want to get into an argument so I kindly respond that based on what he has said, we are not on the same page regarding our ideas about autism so basically let’s just agree to disagree and keep it moving.


He felt the need though to respond with a You Tube link that was supposed to convince me that biofilms were the cause of my kids problems and detoxing him using BLEACH either orally or as an enema would cure him.




Anyway, I’m still trying not to be rude at this point so I send a very quipped response to let him know that I am already familiar with the person in the video and I think what they promote is dangerous.  The end.

Did he reply yet again?  Yup, sure did to say that while not all people will have their autism reversed, it has been shown to work on some and improved the quality of life of many others. He tells me his son has gastrointestinal issues and he thinks it’s related to the autism and it’s possible this detox would fix it all.


This is where I kind of lose it and go off. Not in a rude way, but in a lengthy way.

I let him know in no uncertain terms that people like the woman in the video he sent me are evil and they prey on an already vulnerable section of the population who are so desperate for help they will try things that are actually abusive. That makes them the worst of the worst in my book.

I give him some actual trustworthy information about autistic people. I tell him that there are a number of disorders or diagnoses that co-occur in autism at higher than expected rates. I tell him that these coexisting conditions may either be treatable in their own right or may influence the long-term outcome for the person. I stressed to him that when there is a focus on the diagnosis of autism, it is possible to neglect other diagnosable/treatable conditions and that this happens at a higher rate than we probably realize.

I encouraged him to get additional testing if he’s concerned about his sons medical condition – SEPARATE FROM THE AUTISM.

I laid out my case for why medication or taking any supplements or restricting a diet should be carefully planned for and thought out and supervised by a real doctor who is up to date on real science; not some quack who stumbled upon a get rich scam while touring the jungles of South America.  Not by some quack who in more than one country has an arrest warrant out for him, regarding the poisoning and DEATH of several people. Not some quack who would have you bleach enema your child to the point where your child could need a colostomy bag. Not some quack who tells you that the nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, liver failure and severe kidney damage caused by his proposed treatment are proof that the solution they are selling you is working.


It’s been a few days since this interaction and I still am quite shaken by it; mostly because I feel bad for the poor kid.  I totally understand why some parents get desperate.  I know it can be hard.  But no matter how hard it is for the parents, it’s still our job to protect our kids and not to make things even worse for them.

There is no quick, easy, fix. There is no cure. There is only, get your child the help they need to be their best; physically, academically and emotionally.  There is do the best you can to provide your child with a good quality of life in whatever way you can.

There is so much good research out there. There are so many therapy options and communication techniques available that are worth paying attention to. What works for one person won’t work for another so I am not here to tell people to follow the path we have followed but I can say with certainty that poisoning the autism out of your child is NOT the way.




Oh, and no, after I sent that last message, I haven’t heard back from him.