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The Hawaiian Raccoon Boy December 21, 2018

What the heck is a Hawaiian Raccoon Boy you ask? Allow me to explain …..


On Wednesday evening Jay changed his mind about what he wanted to dress up as for Thursdays “character day” at school. The original idea of being a “business man” was apparently too boring.  It was kind of late in the game to be making those kinds of changes though so we had a brainstorming session and went with the easy choice of “tacky tourist”. That had been Ace’s Halloween costume so we had all the necessary pieces. Gaudy, floral button up. Fanny Pack. Bucket Hat. Sandals which were to be worn with socks. You get the picture.


Then, in what I thought was an unrelated action, Jay brought down a clip-on raccoon tail that he owns. (Don’t ask why he owns that. I honestly have no idea.) The tail though had split in 2 so he asked for help putting it back together. We told him we’d fix it but that it wasn’t high on our priority list so we wouldn’t get to it THAT night. He was not happy at all but we were un-phased and sent him to bed.


The next morning, I got a message from Shaunie saying that Jay had glued the tail back together himself AND had worn it to school.


I know I know. You have more questions. What does a raccoon tail have to do with being a tacky tourist? Let me tell you.

I’m just kidding. I don’t know any more than you do. It just did as far as Jay was concerned. We let him be him.



The other thing about Thursday was that the choir kids had a field trip planned. It was their last show of the season and they went to a Senior Living Community to perform for the residents. On our drive home in the evening I asked Jay about his day.


Jay: I had a great day. We went on our field trip and sang songs for old people. They liked it. Then we talked to them for a little bit before going back to school.


Me: On Yeah? What did you guys talk about?


Jay: They asked if we were ready for Christmas and I told them I was a Hawaiian Raccoon Boy and I made the noise for them.


*Proceeds to make an awful hissing/screeching sound*


Me *slightly horrified and slightly finding it hysterically funny*: Ohhh! Well, ahm, what did they say about that?


Jay: They said it was cool. I had teeth too. The vampire teeth that we had at Halloween so I put them in when I made the raccoon noise.


And that my dear friends is what a Hawaiian Raccoon Boy is and what the lovely folks at the Assisted Living Community were treated to. I’m sure it was a first for them no matter how many years of life experience they had. They are most welcome!


Mean Moms December 19, 2017



(Not our tree)


It started by accident.  One of Jays gifts was the first to be wrapped and put under the Christmas tree.  Then one showed up there with my name on it.  The kids started to get excited.  Jay more than Ace since there was actually one there for him.

A couple of days later we wrapped and put the ones for Jays teachers and the boys tutor.

Everyday Ace would check to see if there were new additions and everyday there would be at least one – Still none of them had his name on a tag.

He half jokingly/half nervously asked why there weren’t any gifts under the tree for him as yet.

That’s when the “mean mom gene” kicked in and we decided to make it a thing.


The next day one more showed up for me and then a couple for Shaunie.

Everyday Ace would complain and we would crack up laughing.

Jay got concerned and suggested that maybe we (the parents) didn’t know what to get for Ace and maybe Ace should help us out.


“But I wrote a list.  A LONG list!”  Ace argued.

We laughed even harder (to ourselves) and asked if he had been good all year.   Before he could even answer Jay jumped in to say yes he had.  He even provided a specific example to support his argument.


It’s been over a week since this started and every day the number of presents under the tree grows and still there aren’t any with Ace’s name on it.


I know it’s awful of us to do that to him – But it’s just so funny to watch him squirm.


At the end of the day, in his heart, he knows we’re just messing with him and he knows he’s not going to get jipped.

And I think he’ll love the feeling of seeing all his stuff magically appear all at once – But it’s still giving him some anxiety in the mean time.


Maybe we’ll let him wake up to all of them on Christmas Eve.