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Four, Three, Two … Home November 21, 2016

FOUR weekends ago we drove 3 hours south to North Carolina.  We spent the weekend with friends I’ve known my entire life (pretty much).  It was awesome!

THREE weekends ago we drove 4 hours north to New Jersey.  We spent the weekend with family who we love and miss.  It was awesome!

TWO weekends ago we drove one and a half hours to Maryland.  We spent the weekend with friends who were visiting from Canada as well as friends who really are the definition of family.   It was awesome!


All that awesomeness wore us out.

This past weekend we stayed home.  As wonderful as it is to see all the people we love, it’s exhausting working all week and then travelling all weekend.


I started my Saturday with the surprise gift of a massage.  Yay and thank you honey!

That was followed by some long over due home tidying, unpacking and decorating.  We moved over 6 months ago.  The place was still bland and we still had boxes in the kitchen, nothing on the walls and plastic bags cluttering the living room.  It didn’t feel like home.

In our living room, we now have yellow and red lamps, red side tables, artwork hanging above our renovated couch and we have plant life.  We printed and framed a family picture which is now on display.  We hung curtains and got new throw pillows. Basically, we now have a comfortable space to relax that reflects some of our personality.

On Sunday, we slept in while the kids happily relaxed on electronics.  We had a huge Jamaican brunch of ackee, saltfish, plaintains, callaloo and dumplins.  We settled down in our now, warm and welcoming living room to watch a movie.  It was actually a good one.  Creed.

Overall, it was a really nice weekend.  Just us.  Nothing fancy.  But so very much needed.


This will be a short work and school week since Thursday and Friday are Thanksgiving holidays here in the USA.  We have tickets to visit a new museum in DC on Saturday.  Other than that, we have no plans to go anywhere.  We don’t mind one bit.  We will be quite happy to stay home and have 3 no frills days.