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Thankful for … November 26, 2018

Last Friday, we went out – to a wonderful dinner and then to a nightclub (where a good friend of mine works) – to celebrate my sister in laws birthday. I am thankful for family who live within driving distance and friends who give you the VIP treatment at their place of employment.


On Saturday, we picked up a cousin from the airport. She was visiting from England. We dropped her bags off and headed out to a Drag Queen Christmas show. Risqué – Yes.  Irreverent – Yes.  So fun – Yes!!! I am thankful for relationships that stand the test of time and distance. It had been 12 years to be exact since she was here last and not a single beat was missed.


On Wednesday, my boss came by at noon and sent everyone home so we could get an early start on the holiday weekend. Yeah, you can bet I was thankful for that. I made a couple of stops, picked up a few things, and when I got home at 2, the house was empty – and stayed that way until about 5. I love my people but YAYYYYY for time alone!!!!!


Thursday was a delight. I don’t even know where to start. We all shared the work so it didn’t feel like work at all. Everyone over the age of 11 contributed to the holiday feast. Meaning that Ace (with a little help from England Cousin) made apple turnovers for dessert. The youngest (5 yrs old) led us in prayer before we ate. The middle child (Jay Boogie) helped to clear dirty dinner plates and serve cake. The adults who hadn’t cooked, – ok ok ME – did most of the cleaning up.  I think.  There was Christmas music and card games and tons of laughing and even jello shots. So much to be thankful for.


The gluttons for punishment in the family (aka, everyone but me) ventured out for Black Friday shopping on Thursday night after dinner. The kids were super excited to go – as kids tend to be about doing something new and “grown up” that you’ve heard a lot about and seen on TV. England Cousin was excited to go because as a Brit, she’d never been. Shaunie and Cousin Andrea were excited to go because they love to shop but more than that they love to get good deals.

***ahm – Did I tell you yet that Cousin Andrea came down from New Jersey? Well, she did.  And we love having her.

After they left, I was thankful for the couch and a blanket and Netflix and tea and 5 uninterrupted hours of a documentary on the Rajneeshi cult.


Friday was all about Washington DC. We ate and took pictures at famous sights and toured a museum and went ice-skating in the park. I was thankful for warm coats and family who are easy going and traffic free highways.

The rest of the weekend was pretty chill. We just hung out and chit chatted and had leftovers. Last night, when asked what their favourite parts of the weekend was, Ace said it was Black Friday shopping, helping to prepare Thanksgiving food and 1 other thing that I can’t remember right now. Jay said it was getting to play video games, eating cake and one other thing that I can’t remember right now.

For me, I was just so happy to have several days full of nothing but love and family and contentment.


I hope all of you who celebrate it, had a wonderful weekend in whatever way meant the most to you.


Where Do I Go With This? March 9, 2017


If you were among the first to arrive at the party, you will remember that this blog began as a way for me to release lots of negative energy.  My older posts had a much different tone to the newer ones.  I will forever be grateful for all the support I received from my readers in those early days.  I needed it like I needed air.   I needed it to keep from drowning.

I no longer feel like that wobbly legged new-born calf.  I certainly don’t have all the answers; But I have learned to swim.  And if there’s a moment when my limbs get tired or I need to collect myself, I just take a break and float; And then begin swimming again when I’m ready.

The shift in the things I write about has been astounding.  Even though it’s happened over the course of 6 VERY LONG years, it has happened at lightning speed.



It has been feeling lately as if most of the things I have to share with people have been cute little jokes that are more fit for a Facebook status than a blog post.  Such as Ace having a girlfriend and telling me that he loves her big puffy hair and her calm voice while Jay wants to be a polygamist.


There have been conversations between Ace and myself which led to me telling him about this blog and his desire to read my posts.  (Hmmm)

Also, Ace has apparently figured out the meaning of life.  I know right?  Super impressive.


There was the time that Jay was supposed to go to karate class but behaved badly and had to be removed from the group for a while before he was allowed to return.  The thing is though, even that doesn’t deserve a big story.  In the past it would have been a whole post.  Nowadays though, when he has these moments they pass fairly quickly.  He finished out the class and had a good evening and is looking forward to the next class.


Last night was just another Wednesday evening.  Ace was in his room building something; budding engineer that he is.  Jay was playing with his toys and the next thing we know, we were all hanging out and being silly and playing and laughing together.  Yup, just another Wednesday.

Ace went into Jays room for something and came out holding his chest dramatically and saying “That’s it.  This is the end.  It smells so bad in there.  I see the light.”  It was hilarious.


Jay let me know that he will not use cuss words like the S word or the F word because he’s too cool for that.   Right on kid.  I’m not that cool, although I didn’t tell him that.


On March 22nd, we will take Jay to his first ever eye doctor appointment.  We have a suspicion that he’s not seeing clearly.  In the old days, the appointment itself would surely have been blogging gold.  They are going to do (or attempt to do) the whole works.  Pupil dilation etc.  If he ends up needing glasses, that would have been another post.

Now, I’m not so sure.  The entire procedure may be totally unremarkable.

We will see.


Ultimately, while I do love writing and all this leaves my blog future feeling unsure,  it’s a good thing.  It means life is good.


Early Start September 26, 2016

It’s not October yet – Fall officially began only 3 days ago – But we’ve already gotten our fall fun underway.  That’s not to say that I don’t want to hold onto the summer for as long as possible.  I do.  However, when you find good deals on Groupon you go with it.  Plus, there weren’t a lot of crowds and I get to post my pictures before everyone gets tired of seeing pumpkins all up and down their timeline.

We made a very beautiful drive out to the Shenandoah Valley this past Saturday and spent the day at a farm.

The farm was set up with a lot of different areas where kids can have fun.  Once inside, you roam around and enjoy each thing at your own pace.


There are no pictures of the first stops we made.  Jay ventured to the petting zoo area with Shaunie while Ace and I went straight to a giant air pillow that you could jump on like a trampoline.  It was pretty cool.


Following those things, the boys decided to try their hand at roping a cow.  It didn’t go well.  I mean, it well well for me because I got a good laugh but it didn’t go well for the kids who really wanted to get the rope around the cows neck.









They had a little section with sand for digging and playing and also a couple of farm vehicles to climb into and pretend drive.  They had a tether ball pole and “pumpkin tic-tac-toe” and corn hole type games.  The boys didn’t spend much time there.  I did take a minute to pose for a picture or 2.


(My hair looks crazy becasue it was windy.  Not because I have unruly hair – Which I kinda do but that’s besides the point.)


Those were taken after I decided to sit ON instead of walking ACROSS the tires.  They were not as sturdy as they looked.  If you think that means I nearly fell off and embarrassed myself you’d be absolutely correct.  The following is me laughing at myself following the near fall and sighing relief.


























OK so after my foolishness it was Hay Ride Time!

Who doesn’t love a good hay ride?  And a scavenger hunt one at that.  We had a list of things to spot as we made our way around the farm.  All the kids that were on our ride worked together to find and then announce the items.  Jay didn’t want to take any Hay Ride pictures.  He was too concerned with us sitting carefully and not being silly while we were moving.



Up next was some see-sawing … Which I hadn’t done in years and some spinning in a barn tunnel thing.  I have video of us spinning in the “Twister-Barn” but it also shows other peoples kids so I’d rather not put it here.  Just imagine pushing that black part around and around like a hamster wheel and then falling once you got too close to being upside down.  The kids had a blast in there tumbling all over each other.




Ace shot small pumpkins out of a cannon blaster and Jay went down a Mega Slide.

Both boys jumped into a corn pit which works just like a ball pit.  They had a lot more fun in there than I would have expected.  They did cannon balls off hay stacks and made corn angels and rained corn kernels on each others heads.


























Wait a second … I forgot to tell you that we did a corn maze.  I’m not typically a fan of mazes.  I get nervous.  This place had an easy one and a hard one.  Guess which one we did?  They apparently do a haunted maze in October.  Yeah NO!  I have no interest thank you very much.


(Inside the maze)


OK … Where were we?  Pumpkin Blaster, Mega Slide, Corn Pit.

Also, there were pig races and pumpkin smashing.  Ace got selected to help open the gate for the pig race and they were up front and center for the pumpkin smash so of course they got pumpkin juice all over them.  Fun stuff!

While all that was going on, we were taking selfies.









Before we moved on to the next thing I tried to get a good picture of the boys together.  This is what I got.  I know it could be worse but Jays’ face isn’t exactly what I was hoping for.  A Mama can try though can’t she?






What we thought was gonna be the last thing was picking a pumpkin.  There was much debate over what size pumpkin we were going to get and how many of them.  Shaunie and I were on Team ONE, NOT TOO BIG, ONE and Ace and Jay were on Team GET WHATEVER YOU WANT AND HOWEVER MANY YOU WANT.

We compromised and got one regular sized one (for Jack-0-Lantern making) and each kid also got one personal sized one.  I have no idea what they are going to do with the little ones but for $0.84 it was worth it to make them happy.






































By the time we had done all that – We were hungry.  We decided to head out and hit up a Chick-Fil-A.

We found snacks in the car though so we delayed our Chick-Fil-A stop and did some apple picking.  Why not?  Most of us had fun with it.  We ate a few apples while roaming around the orchard and checked out the cows in the nearby pasture.

“Someone” … (Not me or Ace or Jay) … spotted a dead possum in the grass and got a little freaked out and tried to pick the rest of her apples from INSIDE the car.  It didn’t work out so well but makes for a funny story.




Overall, we had a really good day.  It never gets old having wholesome family fun with the people I love.

Happy Fall To All.


I’m Not Lying July 25, 2016

Over the last year or so I’ve written and said a lot about how great Jay is doing.  The amount of time I spend talking about his bad days or his meltdowns or my frustrations have dropped dramatically.  That’s partly because as he gets older I feel like it’s less appropriate for me to talk about his bad days in detail but the bigger part is simply that there is less to talk about.

He really is doing great and he rarely melts down anymore and he has gotten so much better about being in new situations with new people and he is doing a fantastic job of communicatiing effectively.


The thing is, though, Jay does much better in familiar surroundings and with familiar people.  Even if the people are familiar, he is not a big fan of crowds or too much frantic activity.  He likes calm.

That means there are times we go to someones house for a party or we go to a show or to the zoo or camping and Jay loses his cool.  There are people there who don’t see him everyday but they follow along with me touting his progress and then what they see doesn’t jive.

Sometimes, I wonder if people think I’m lying.  They would be justified to wonder.  The rare occasion they do see him, he has one (or a few) rough moments with yelling or crying or other difficult behaviours.  They aren’t there everyday to see his good manners and his sweet overtures to his brother and to hear him randomly tell me that he loves me or to get his hugs and kisses and to laugh with him and play with him in his most comfortable environments.


Recently, we went to a (not for a little kid) birthday party.  I guess it was more of a casual but delicious dinner, get together, talking and hanging out with yummy yummy desserts but no candles or singing but take a way containers so I could bring delicious lunch to work and now there is left over yummy yummy lemon meringue pie in my fridge, birthday celebration.


It was a Sunday evening just over an hour away from home.  Going would mean not sticking to our evening routine.  We would no doubt be out past bedtime.  There would no doubt be people there who we don’t see often.  There could be loud noises or strong scents or any host of other triggers.


Jay was wonderful from start to finish.


He greeted people with hugs and kisses on the cheek and he entertained himself and he told the other children they needed to be nice to each other when they weren’t getting along and he asked nicely when he wanted things and he answered questions that were asked of him and he shared his knowledge about what the sun is made of and he tidied up the toys when it was time to go and he followed the rules about only eating in the kitchen and he threw his garbage away without being asked.


A friend who was there told me repeatedly how good he’s doing.  How impressed she was by him.  How far he’s come.  She thought everything he did was cute and everything he said was funny.


It was really nice to hear that.  I mean, I didn’t NEED to hear it.  I know he’s awesome and smart and cute and funny.  I know the important thing was that HE felt happy and content and relaxed.  But it was nice to hear from someone else.



Jay’s 1st Reggae Festival May 26, 2015

I wish you guys knew Jay 4 years ago.  I wish I could force you to go back to the beginning and read some of the early posts on this blog.  That’s the only way you could fully understand the progress that he’s made.  That’s the only way for you to fully grasp why I’m so excited to tell you about the day we spent at a reggae family fun day festival.  The original plan was not for either of the kids to go to the festival.  But as plans sometimes have a way of doing, they changed; and while Ace chose to go to a BBQ, Jay came with me.


We got to the festival at around 2:30 pm.  It was being held in a large New York City park.  Even though I knew there would be lots of food vendors inside, I made sure that Jay got something to eat prior to us going in.  Hungry Jay is not pleasant.  In my bag, I was armed with 2 Nutri-Grain bars (strawberry flavoured of course) and a tub of chewing gum (minty flavoured).


Once we got inside, Jay spotted an area with bouncy castles, obstacle courses, slides and face painting.  He politely asked if he could go there.  I said yes and off we went.   The lines were short so he was able to get on multiple bouncy things fairly quickly.  He was having fun.  I know because he said so more than once.  🙂

Later, when the lines did get a little longer, he calmly waited his turn.  When he got to the front, he looked to the operator for the OK to go and he followed their instructions perfectly.  He seriously was one of the best behaved kids at the park.  He never tried to get an extra turn by climbing back up the slide and he never tried to cut to the front of the line and he never rushed the other kids to move quicker.  He just did what he was supposed to do.  And stayed happy doing it.


When he’d had his fill of bouncing and sliding and obstacle coursing, he asked if he could get his face painted.  I said sure and we made our way over.  There was only 1 lady doing face painting; the line was long; it was moving very slowly; I didn’t think we would last long.

45 minutes later, after Jay had stood there quietly waiting he got his face painted to look like a doggy.

Did ya’ll even hear that?  I said FORTY FIVE MINUTES … My Jay stood and waited for FORTY FIVE MINUTES.


After the face painting we headed to the area where the concert was happening.  The music was loud and the crowd was thicker.  No sweat.  We just stood there, and took in the show.

I really don’t mean to yell at you but HELLLOOOO, I said, we just stood there and took in the show.

Jay particularly enjoyed the performance by Sean Paul –  who had sexy back up dancers.  Jay was so taken by them that he started dancing too.  He even asked to go closer so he could see the “acrobats” as he called them.  Then he asked if he could go on the stage with them.  When I said no, he matter-of-factly said “I can’t go.  That’s not for Jay.”  That was it.

There were several other performers and Jay did an amazing job of entertaining himself with the dirt that was all around us.  Hey, whatever works.  When his legs got tired he asked me to pick him up and then we rocked to the music together.  Sometimes we were cheek to cheek and sometimes we were forehead to forehead.  I LOVED it.

Somewhere around 7pm, he asked to leave.  I told him we were almost done so we’d go soon.  He took his stick and wrote in the dirt THE END.  It was a good try but it didn’t quite work.  He went back to entertaining himself with chewing gum and digging in dirt and I got to see the main performer I wanted to see.   About 20 minutes later when Jay asked to go to the car, I showed him my watch which was reading 7:20.  I told him that when it said 7:30, we’d go.  At 7:40, after he had kicked up more dirt and eaten a snack and written the names of each of the Teen Titans backwards, he asked to see my watch again and so I told him that yes it was now time to go.  We slowly walked towards the exit.  By the time we got to the gate, I was able to get a glimpse of the final act of the day but we missed out on the rush to exit.  Double boo yah!

I had a great day and Jay was a total joy to just hang out with.

Back in the car, a filthy and exhausted little dude mumbled, “I’m so super tired.  I was busy.” and then fell asleep.


There’s another show/festival at the same place next month.  I had no intention of bringing the kids to it, but now … Now my mind is swirling with possibilities.  Am I reaching?  Was this a 1 hit wonder?  Is it too much for me to expect the same again another time?  Stay tuned to find out.


Feeling Good April 21, 2015

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Now that the weather is finally, blessedly, changing, the boys and I are able to spend more time outside.  We have more daylight to work with and we have shed our heavy jackets and we LOVE it.  Yes, we do go out even in cold and snow but we’d much prefer to be out when it’s warm and we definitely have been taking advantage.  Last week I went for a bike ride and dusted off my tennis racket.  I was a little sore but even that felt good.  It was a nice reminder that I’m not stuck inside due to gloomy weather anymore.


There’s a park across the street from Jay’s school so it’s really convenient to go there after picking the kids up in the evenings.  3 days last week I let the boys get some evening park time.  Ace always finds new friends to play with; and last year Jay just followed Ace’s lead.  This year I’m noticing a little difference though.  Since the park is right by Jay’s school, most of the kids who are there, go to his school so they know him.  It’s really nice to watch how they interact with him and how he interacts with them.  The kids are not at all phased by Jay’s oddities.  They couldn’t care less that he doesn’t always play with them the way most people would expect him to.  When they, without warning, start to play zombie and he yells out “I’m brown.  I’m a boy. I’m not a zombie.  Look!” They calmly tell him that it’s just pretend and ask him if he wants to play.  Then they wait for his response.  There are no expectations.  Just acceptance.  When another boy with his same name asked him to come say hi to his mom so she could see another Jay, he went over, waved hi and then went back to the play structure. Jay seamlessly goes back and forth between chasing birds and playing tag.  The other kids let him.  He seamlessly goes back and forth between picking grass by himself to climbing and sliding with the other kids.  They let him.  No-one bats an eye.  No-one makes fun or tries to force him to do things their way.


I used to talk about how clumsy and uncoordinated Ace is but I’ve seen a difference in him where that is concerned too.  I watch him climb and run and he’s not the same kid he was last year.  The same kid who had earned the nick-name “wrong move” because he was always falling over some invisible obstacle or tripping over his own feet or bumping into stationary objects.  He’s more sure-footed; stronger; less gangly.  He is more aware of his surroundings and seems more comfortable in his own skin and with his own limbs.  He’s less scared of being unbalanced.  I think this may be the year that he finally – and properly – learns to ride a 2 wheeler bicycle.  As he says, he can ride now but only to go straight; he can’t turn corners.  Ahm … Yeah.  Socially he’s less awkward too.  He is willing to do things that other kids are doing and he’s picking up new interests – which is good – but he’s still true to himself.  He’s not  easily embarrassed and he’s not trying to be anyone else; even if he has some characteristics that are not typical of an 8 year old.


Overall, I’ve been feeling good lately.  Not too stressed out or too worried.  Sure there are every day worries but nothing too bad.

It could be partly the weather and partly that I’m not struggling to pay my bills and partly that the kids are thriving and partly that I have some semblance of a social life and partly that my Em had what the doctors are calling a successful operation and partly that when the kids are with their Dad I get a chance to sleep or clean without interruption and partly because I’m feeling loved and partly because as I get older the more I realize what’s important and the less I sweat the little things and partly because it feels so much better to spread love and positivity than negative energy.


I don’t expect this to last forever.  I mean life is always a roller coaster.  I can only fully appreciate this mental space I’m in because I’ve been in some really rough ones.   But for now, I’m unapologetically enjoying life.


Seven And A Day – The Good Part January 15, 2015

Following the disaster that was cake cutting and presents opening, and then the relief that came from feeding the child, we did make it to Chuck E Cheese.

That part was GOOD  🙂


Jay is a big fan of Chuck E Cheese’s.  Or as he calls it … “Chuck E Cheese Ess”.  Get it?  He loves rides and he loves climbing and sliding.  He really loves skee ball and on this trip he discovered that he also loves air hockey.  I saw a competitive side to him that I can’t remember seeing before.  Whenever he would sink his puck on my side, he’d dance and say “oh yeah, oh yeah“.  It was cute.  He celebrated so much that he’d almost not be ready when I took the puck out and started playing again.  I’m not one of those parents who lets their kid win just because they are a kid.  Our first game came down to the wire and we were tied at 6 each with the next point deciding the winner.  I won but only because Jay accidentally scored on himself.  It was so much fun playing with him.

Jay ate about 4 slices of pizza and drank juice without ice.  He used his earned tickets to buy cotton candy which came as a shock to me.  I don’t think he’d ever had it before.  After the 1st bite I asked if he liked it and he said no.  He actually spit it out into a napkin.  I told him that I was very proud of him for trying it.  He went on to try it several more times.  Each time he let the water settle in his mouth and he looked like he was being forced to eat lizard tails but he would swallow and then take another piece. 

Ace too had a great time playing games and climbing and sliding.  He too ate lots of pizza and drank lots of juice.  All the kids enjoyed their day.  We even popped Uncle P’s Chuck E Cheese cherry.  He had never been before but I have a feeling he’ll drag Aunty Naffie back there soon.  He loved the pizza.  🙂 Ace used his tickets to buy a gun (or maybe it was a rocket) … either way he loved it and was happily running around shooting it up in the air and at people.  We were there for more than 3 hours and left without anyone losing their happy. 



After Chuck E Cheese, since Jay was now in a good mood, he was ready to check out his gifts.  He was happy with his new DVD’s and his new animals and he was especially fond of his Sumo Bumper Boppers.  If you don’t know what those are and you have children or are child-like and you like to hear your children laughing hysterically and you like to laugh at your kids or yourself and you don’t mind possibly breaking valuable things in your home or having some child at some point complain that they got hurt and you have lungs that are good for blowing up incredibly difficult and big, plastic inflatables then YOU NEED TO GET THESE.  They were a big hit with kids and adults alike.  Check out the video below.  And take my word for it that whatever they show you on the video, is not entirely accurate.  Things get WAY wilder and WAY more crazy and loud and FUN and it’s WAY worth the $20.  And that kid in the video who got knocked over and had his legs sticking up in the air?  Yeah, that was Jay more times than he was upright.




Three, Two, One December 5, 2013

There was a time when I didn’t think that Christmas or any other holiday/celebration mattered to Jay.  He seemed totally uninterested in birthdays, Easter egg hunts, Halloween … all of it.  It made me a little sad because aren’t those things an important part of what makes for happy childhoods?  That was my thinking then.

I could only see things through what I liked, or what most other kids like, not what Jay liked.   I mean, every kid loves birthdays and Christmas.  It’s like, automatic.

I eventually got to a point where if he didn’t care about presents and was happy to spend all day on Christmas day reciting the alphabet then that was fine with me.  Truly.  I stopped caring about what SHOULD make my son happy and focused on what DID make him happy.  Sounds simple now that I type it, but it’s not so easy when you’ve been conditioned your whole life to think a certain way.

I had to learn to respect my son in a new way.


But alas, just when my thinking was changing, Jay was falling in love with all things festive.  And as with just about everything else … when he loves something, he loves it all the way.


We put up our Christmas tree and other decorations last weekend.  It was big fun for the kids.  They both participated and were happy happy happy little elves.  Personally, I would’ve chosen Christmas music as the soundtrack for that activity – but it’s not about what I want.  Instead I was treated to my sons serenading me with Michael Jacksons Thriller.  They’re still not over it from Halloween.  Jay now knows the entire song and it’s so cute hearing him sing it with his totally off-key notes.


Since we put up the tree there have been CONSTANT requests by Jay for candy canes.  He asks me all the time if he can sing the Christmas song (Jingle Bells).  As soon as he gets home from school, he breaks routine and kicks off his shoes in the living room and then drops his jacket and bag on the floor and runs to go turn on the tree lights.  He squeals with delight.  Then he turns them off again and insists that I watch him do the countdown.  “Three, Two, One” – The lights go on.  I’ll be in the kitchen making dinner or washing dishes when I feel a tug.  It’s Jay wanting me to do the “Three, Two One”.  I will be in the bathroom and on the other side of the door I hear “Mom, Three, Two, One.”  Helping Ace with home work.  Cleaning the cats litter box.  Talking on the phone.  Here Jay comes … “Mom, Can I three, two, one?”

Two fuzzy green stockings that are usually hung in front of the TV spend most of their time on Jays feet.  The white ball piece at the end of our Santa hat went missing and Jay didn’t like that.  It just wasn’t right that Santas hat shouldn’t have a white ball on the end.  I eventually spent the $3 to get a new Santa hat.  It was worth it to see the smile on his face.  Every chance he gets now, he puts on the green stockings and the Santa hat.

What’s your name?”  he says to me.

I’m Deenie.  What’s your name” I say.

I’m Santa.  Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!” he says every time.


Jay has even been going to school wearing the Santa hat.  We saw one of our neighbours on our way out yesterday and Jay said “Hi, I’m Santa.”  It made my neighbor smile.


For Jay, my job, is to peel candy cane wrappers and to applaud and say “Yay!” each time he does the 3, 2, 1 lights countdown.  My job is also to give him excuses to say “I’m Santa.  Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!” and to tell him he did a good job when he sings Jingle Bells.  I am to ooh and ahh when he points out the Christmas lights that other people have strung up.

For Ace, my job is to listen to him talk about Christmas and to tell him things about Christmas and to hand him all the toy catalogs that come in the mail and to promise that I will let him help me to wrap presents.  I’m also to buy Christmas themed snacks for his lunch box and read Christmassy bedtime stories.


It’s a little much.  All this Christmassing.  But when I start to wonder how I’m going to make it through an entire month of this, I remember what the alternative is.  Jay could not be sharing in the season with us.  Ace could not be spreading his infectious excitement.  It is nice that we get to enjoy the season together and I get to enjoy Christmas through BOTH my kids eyes.

So as long as Jay and Ace are enthusiastic about Christmas, I will continue to do my job with a smile.


Forget Me Not November 4, 2013

I really want to write about Halloween and Trick or Treating since the kids had an amazing time.

However, putting together a post that makes any kind of sense is more than my brain can handle today.

But a list … A list I can handle.

I love making lists.  Lists are easy and straightforward.

That’s something I can do even when my brain is mush.  So today I will make a list of random and unrelated things that my kids are doing now or are interested in that I don’t want to forget.


1.  When getting dressed, Jay ALWAYS puts his pants on first.  Point Blank Period.  If he mindlessly starts to put his shirt on first, he will catch himself mid-way and he will take it off.   He will put his pants on and then return his attention to the shirt.


2.  Jay sleeps with his head totally covered in blankets and his body wrapped up like a mummy. Like seriously, the kid loves blankets.  I once found him bundled up with 14 of them on his bed at the same time.  It scares me a little so every night after he falls asleep, I go into his room and un-bundle him.


3.  Jay wants to do EVERYTHING himself now.  But some things are difficult (such as looping a belt through pants that you are already wearing) and he moves slowly (which I don’t always have time for) so sometimes I try to jump in and help but he gets really mad at that so when I can, I leave him to his mission. If he ends up going out with only the 2 front loops belted or the buttons on his cardigan not lining up, then so be it.  It’s not worth the fight even if he does look sometimes like no-one is taking care of him.


4.  I think it’s cute when Jay is looking for something but instead of saying “I can’t find it”, he says “I don’t know find it.”  (Combination of “I don’t know where it is” and “I can’t find it.”)


5.  Ace will ask me to get him something and if I say no and tell him that he should do it himself, he responds with smart and funny things like “No, that’s ok, you can do the honours”.  Gets me every time.


 6.  I got the following phone call from Jay’s teacher:


Hi Mrs C. Jay is fine, but I just wanted you to know that a girl in his class dumped a tub of yogurt onto his head today so we used baby oil to help get it out.  I just wanted you to know what happened in case he smells funny when he comes home this evening.” 


 7.  Whenever I tease Jay, he covers my mouth with his soft little hand and laughs as he says “quiet mouth.”

a)  I love that he knows I’m teasing

b)  I love that he joins in the fun

c)  I don’t really love when his hand is covered in cheese doodle crumbs which it very often is

d) I’m kidding about the cheese doodle part.  I love it all 🙂


 8.  This Halloween Ace has been hearing Michael Jacksons Thriller song all over the place.  I asked him if he’d like to see the original video so he said yes.  He didn’t know there was one.  I pulled it up and youtube and we sat and watched it as I sang along.  It made me a very cool mom that I found the video AND knew all the words from start to finish.  Even the Vincent Price narrative at the end.

(Is now a good time to say that I used to own a Michael Jackson outfit and for one entire school year in 1986/1987, whenever we had “no uniform days” at school, I would wear that same one outfit?)


9.  Jay knows the alphabet and spends a lot of time watching videos of people singing it.  He can now recite it forwards AND backwards.   Ace thinks that’s really cool.


10. I can’t think of a #10 right now so you get off with only 9.



A Few Favourite Things October 19, 2012

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When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don’t feel so bad


Everything is not great right now but there is a lot that is.  As I was putting this together last night; it felt pretty good falling asleep thinking only about the good things.  So without further adieu, I will share with you a list of some of the little things that make me happy.


1. The TV show Dexter.  Never mind that it’s about a serial killer and I think the woman who plays his sister is very hard to look at.  I still love it.

2. Pumpkin Muffins and Coffee.  Gotta get as much of it in my system as I can before it’s gone again.

3. Hand-Me-Downs.  My kids grow way too fast for me not to love hand-me-down clothes and I got 3 bags full last week.  Thanks D.

4. Our neighbourhood lost power the other day and I took a really hot shower in complete darkness.  It was very relaxing.

5. Last week I got free lunch on 3 days and this week I got 2.

6. I have a friend who sometimes e-mails me during the work day and often when he does, I literally, LAUGH OUT LOUD!  My laptop has had coffee spit on it a few times.

7. Flannel sheets.

8. Ace is loving Boy Scouts (FYI – more than soccer) AND the cherry on top is that CC is enjoying it with him.  I’ve officially been relieved of my Boy Scouts duties and CC has taken over.

9. Pandora.

10. Cheesy songs that I sing at work and that my co-workers tolerate.