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Science And Music? What? September 21, 2016

Sitting around the corner and listening to Jay study science with *Shaunie.
He’s learning it folks. About condensing, melting, freezing, the physical properties of matter, atoms, molecules etc.
He’s learning science!!!! At grade level. It’s not easy for him but he’s trying so hard.
He may not get an A on his test but he’s really learning and I couldn’t be more proud.
I made the mistake of thinking back on when I never in my wildest dreams could have ever imagined this. I couldn’t have imagined anything even close to this.
I don’t have the words to explain this feeling.
Too emotional.



That was my Facebook status the other day.  Our beloved Nanas commented that she always knew he’d get here.  I can’t say the same thing.  I always had high hopes for him.  Of course.  But I’d be lying if I said I always knew my son would be in a general education classroom studying the physical attributes of different kinds of matter.  I dared not assume that he’d ever be able to answer the question “What is an atom?”  Yet, that’s exactly what was happening.  

I had to dry my tears when I heard Jay get up and I realized he was making his way to where I was perched on the stairs.  

Later in the evening, I lay on the couch with him for a few minutes.

I wished him luck on his upcoming test and asked him if he liked science.  He said yes.  I asked him about math and reading.  He said they were OK but math is hard.  He said he prefers science to both math and reading.  I asked him what he thinks about his art class.  I wasn’t surprised to hear that he LOVES art.  

Lastly I asked him about music class to which he said “It’s loud in there and makes my ears hurt.”  

Jay doesn’t have a lot of sensory issues.  If he did have one though it would be related to sounds.  He’s not a fan of out-of-tune singing for example.  I asked him if he’d like me to talk to his teacher about music class.  I told him it was possible for him to do something else instead.  I thought for sure he’d take me up on that offer but instead he mulled it over for a minute and then said “No.  I will stay.  I think I can handle it.”  

These types of back and forth conversations will never NOT be a miracle to me.  

I am blown away by this child.  


September 4 years ago, I published posts where the big news was that Jay sat and listened to his first story.  I published posts where Jay was getting kicked out of 2 different social skills classes.  He wasn’t yet reading.  Heck, he wasn’t yet speaking in sentences.  Not even 2 or 3 word ones.  He definitely wasn’t able to take any kind of standardized test at school.  He was in an autism class where they were just trying to get through the day without anyone getting yogurt dumped on their head.  

Before bed last night, I hugged him tight and told him how amazing I think he is and how brave I think he is.  He shrugged me off.  He doesn’t get it.  To him, I’m just a Mom being mushy and weird.  That’s alright.  He doesn’t have to get it.  


To all the families who are currently where we were 4 years ago … I know it’s rough.  I know everything seems impossible or implausible.  I know all you want is for your child to say your name.  You don’t even know what your baby’s voice sounds like.  How can you think about science or music class?  Your brain is full – And tired.  I know you want one night of uninterrupted sleep.  You’d do anything to be done with diapers – After all your baby is now 5 or 6 or 10.  If you could just get them to eat 1 new thing you’d be happy.  You’re not asking for much.  It doesn’t have to be cauliflower.  You just cannot make ONE MORE grilled cheese sandwich.  But you will.  Cause that’s all your kid eats.  You don’t want to hear other people telling you to stay hopeful.  You sure don’t want to hear about how their child is also a picky eater.  You don’t want to hear about the things you should be doing or what worked for their neighbours kid.  You don’t feel like you are doing anything right.  You don’t want to fight with schools or insurance companies anymore.  You just want things to be easier.

My God, I get it.  

But hang in there.  It may not happen at the same rate as my son or anyone elses son.  That doesn’t matter.  All that matters is that you don’t give up.  Keep looking.  Keep trying.  Keep working.  Keep talking.  There’s no magic pill or therapy or device.  It’s HARD.  It’s ok to cry.  But just keep keeping on.  



The reward just might be your kid acting like it’s no big deal that they know what the volume of a mass is because in their own matter of fact way they will say “Yeah, I’m smart“.   


They’re Back September 8, 2016


They’re back home – And this mama is happy.   We are back to making grilled cheese sandwiches and to giving good night kisses.  We are back to chore lists and finding fallen ice on the floor in front of the fridge.  We are back to laughing in the evening as Shaunee drags both boys, at the same time, across the carpet as they lay on their tummies, much to their delight.  We are back to hanging out and talking about moles and birthmarks, the krill that blue whales eat or how much it would hurt to get stitches.  The boys are back to demonstrating their karate moves (neither one takes karate) and back to Jay complaining about the amount of toothpaste Ace uses.

Jay, I think, is happy to be back in his own bed.  Every night so far, he’s fallen asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

Ace, is up to his usual antics of getting out of bed for more hugs and kisses, or to get water or to show us his dance moves.


Some things never change.


It’s amazing how much can change in a month.  Jay is now interested in having a healthier diet.  I have witnessed him eating carrots, a banana and watermelon.  He asked for an apple to go in his lunch box.  I hear he also eats oranges, peanut butter sandwiches and yogurt.  He drinks regular white milk now (in addition to what he used to drink; strawberry milk).  He tasted a pretzel and declared at dinner, “The next protein I am going to try is fish.”

When I spoke to CC and tried to give him credit for this change, he said it was all thanks to his wife Emma.  I do appreciate her ability to get Jay to turn this page.


Ace is 10 now.  He got Legos and more Legos and more Legos.  He’s in Lego heaven.   We got him an ice-cream cake because he used to like it but apparently no longer does.  His size 10 pants are short and his size 3 shoes are tight.




They’re back at school – And one kid wanted summer vacation to drag on forever while the other couldn’t get out the door and to his classroom fast enough.   We are back to filling out tons of paperwork and sending in money for trips and *gasp* graduation gowns.

Jay came home after his first day saying it was good and telling us about the new fish tank in the resource room.  Ace left his homework at school.


Some things never change.


It’s amazing how much can change from one school year to the next.

Jay is now in a general education class all day.  He has 2 teachers and goes back and forth between 2 classrooms.  One teacher does math and the sciences while the other does language and social studies and the like.  It’s a totally new set up for him.

Ace is still kind of the new kid in school but he’s not the newest kid in school.  There was 1 new boy in his class this year and they have apparently been leaning on each other and have formed a quick friendship.  I am happy about that.

We are looking into clubs and activities for both.  Possibly 4H and the gardening club for Jay and Navy Cadets and track or swimming for Ace.  We will see.


Stay tuned to see how this new school year plays out and what else will change; Inasmuch as many things will stay the same.




The Sandwich September 30, 2014

It’s been an ON-GOING STRUGGLE; trying to get Jay to eat any real food. He’d be quite happy to live on cheese doodles all day, every day.  I want different.  A few months ago, he discovered that he liked pizza and that was VERY exciting for me.  It made it so much easier to feed him something substantial when we were out and about.  Pizza is pretty easy to access.  They have it on board walks and at amusement parks and at Chuck-E-Cheese and they deliver it to our house.  We could even go to a restaurant and order him something off the menu.  What?!?! 


BUT pizza is not really easy to pack in a lunch box.  For years, all I’ve been able to put in his lunch box were Cheese Doodles and a Nutri-Grain bar.  Oh and most recently, Cinnamon Toast Crunch (dry cereal). 

I spoke with his teacher and school therapist and they both thought he would be open to expanding his diet at school even if he didn’t do so at home.  In general, he seems more open and agreeable at school than at home.  We decided that I would pack him a sandwich and they would try to get him to take even a few bites during lunch period.


Well … The 1st day that I sent the sandwich it came back home completely untouched.  He even admonished me when I picked him up .  His voice got deep and he crinkled his eyebrows as he said “No more sandwich in the lunch box. It’s gross. I NOT eat it. Yuck. Disgusting. Jay NOT eat da sandwich!!!”


The following morning I put another sandwich in his lunch box but he checked his lunch box before leaving for school in the morning and took it out.  He flat-out refused to bring it to school.  So for several days I stopped trying to send him to school with a sandwich. 


His teacher asked me why I had stopped so I explained that it just made leaving the house in the morning too difficult.  She then spoke directly to Jay and told him that he needed to bring the sandwich to school.  In front of her, he said ok but as soon as we got into the car he started telling me that he was NOT going to bring the sandwich. NO WAY!


I had meant to ask CC if Jay mentioned anything about the sandwich when the boys were with him for the weekend but I never did.  All I know is that on the Sunday evening when he was with me he started perseverating on the sandwich and how much he was not going to bring it to school or eat it or anything.  “No sandwich. No Eat. No Nothing” were his exact words. 


When Monday morning rolled around, the first words out of his mouth were “Mom, I not go to school today. I’m worried.”  I asked him what he was worried about and he told me he was worried about eating the sandwich because it’s yucky and gross.

*Be still my heart.  The words.  The telling me how he felt.* 

I actually wondered if I was being a really awful parent by forcing this sandwich issue.  Had he not slept well worrying about the sandwich?  I just didn’t know.  I know it was for his own good.  He needs to eat.  He gets hungry.  Like all of us, when he’s hungry he’s angry.  Cheese Doodles are not cutting it. 


Instead of putting it in his lunch box I asked his bus aide to give the sandwich to his teacher.


While I was in a meeting at work I got a text message from Jays teacher showing a half eaten sandwich along with the message “Jay did a great job during lunch today. This is what is left. Please send a sandwich every day for the rest of this week.”


I was so happy when I got that message. 

At pick up time, Jay excitedly told me that he ate the sandwich and it was good.

The next day, I packed another sandwich and I got another message saying he had eaten it with no problems and he came home happy and telling me all about eating the sandwich. 


Fast forward about 2 weeks and Jay has fallen in love with sandwiches.  He asks for one every day.  He tells me every day how much he loves them and how he eats it ALL and it’s so good. 


Does that mean our little plan worked? 

It’s such a balancing act – Knowing when to push them outside of their comfort zone and knowing when to let them be.

Can I stick with the sandwich for a while and then work on a piece of fruit after a while?  Right now, the kid eats ZERO fruits and ZERO vegetables. 


We’ll see I guess.  I really just hope I’m not scarring him or causing real mental anguish with this.  I worry all the time about what’s going on in his head and how he’s processing things and feeling things and if they will come back in the future to haunt us.  I don’t know how a sandwich could haunt us exactly but I wonder. 



 (I feel like that took way too long to write and had way more words than was necessary.  Oh well.)




Orange July 3, 2014

Thursday – July 3rd, 2014


Jay licked the inside of an orange!!!


This is BIG news.

It’s the 1st piece of fruit that he has touched in any way, shape or form with his mouth in YEARS!!!  Years I tell you. Like 4 years.  He’s 6.

The only fruit he has ever eaten (and that was when he was a baby) was bananas.



Wishing you all a very happy 4th of July (American Independence) weekend!!!  May it be filled with nothing but happy, exciting, progressive things no matter how weird those things may seem to other people.




Eating June 10, 2014

April 28, 2011 – Jay recently (about 3 wks ago) just stopped eating.  His diet now solely consists of eggs, pancakes, raisins, cheese doodles, skittles(or starburst or dum dums) and an occasional banana … There’s just no getting him to eat.  We tried not giving him anything all day and then trying with rice in the evening and still he wouldn’t.  He just holds it in his mouth and then eventually spits it out. …


Dec 14, 2011 – We also talked with the evaluator about our concerns over his eating.  Or NOT eating.  It has become a real issue … my child will only ingest cheese doodles (his favourite), pretzels (sometimes), raisins, cereal bars (Kellogg’s brand) and Rainbow Trix cereal.  Oh and now candy canes.  I’m not kidding.  That’s it.


Feb 12, 2012 – … He eats a grand total of 6 things … He eats NO veggies or fruits.  If you don’t consider McDonalds chicken nuggets to be real meat, then he doesn’t eat any meat either.  No rice.  No potato.  Not even cake, ice-cream or cookies.  You get the picture … If left to his own devices, he would eat cheese doodles for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack.


Jan 15, 2013 – Jay is not a lover of ANY food except cereal bars, eggs and chicken flavoured Ramen noodles.  When I say he is not a lover, what I mean is that he is a DESPISER … I just don’t get it.  I want to get it.  Why is eating and food such an issue for him?  Is it the smell?  Is it just the look?  It can’t be the taste or texture because he’s never tried to eat most food items.


April 16, 2013 – if it were up to him he would eat junk food and candy all day but we try to at least get one proper meal in him every day. And by proper I mean, Ramen noodles or a beef patty or even a couple slices of raisin bread.


Oct 16, 2013 – … he’s living on Cereal Bars and Ramen Noodles.


May 30, 2014 – My Facebook status – According to *Jay he ate a carrot today. His exact words were … “Mummy, I’m ate that the carrot. I’m ate the carrot at school.” I don’t know what he means by that but I’m pretty sure it does NOT mean that he ate a carrot at school today.




During Jay’s IEP meeting last week I asked his teacher about the carrot. She confirmed that he had in fact taken one bite of a carrot. And he chewed it. And he swallowed it. This is major news. I was totally shocked and excited with that revelation. It was just one bite but it was a carrot and HE ATE IT!!!



*Last Week* – June 3, 2014, I wrote – The only thing Jay sticks to his cautious ways with is trying new foods. He’s not eating a hot dog no matter how good Ace says it tastes.


And then this happened.


Jay Hotdog 1  Jay Hotdog 2



He ate an entire half of a hot dog. I know he must’ve thought that I had bumped my head but I couldn’t stop taking pictures of it. There are 12 pictures in all. 12 pictures to capture Jay taking bites out of his 1st hot dog ever. The very same thing that just last week I said he would not do.


We have long been battling with Jay’s picky eating. A couple of things have come and gone but he’s been pretty consistent with only having about 5 or 6 things at any one time that he will eat. And it’s pretty consistent that at least 4 out of that 5 or 6 are junk. It’s been such a worry for me that at one time I tried getting him into a clinic for children with eating issues/disorders. That didn’t work out.


It’s official, I am taking a step back from worrying about his eating. I will always make sure he has healthy options available and I will keep offering new things to him but I won’t let it stress me out anymore. He will do what is right for him in the timing that is right for him.  He’s healthy and growing and learning and proving me wrong on a regular basis.  Somehow, his eating habits are working for him.  He will – if/when he’s ready – try new things and that’s enough for me.


Scoobert July 5, 2013

Scooby Doo




2 days ago while at the grocery store, Jay showed an interest in the snack sized bags of Scooby Snacks.  (Graham crackers shaped like dog bones). 

Scooby Snacks

We knew the likelihood of Jay actually eating them was slim but we bought them anyway.  We are always willing to take the chance just in case he really will eat something new.  


Once we got home, he asked for the Scooby Snacks so I cracked open a bag and gave it to him.  He promptly went into script mode.


Would you do it for a Scooby snack?”  he says to Ace, while holding one dog bone look-a-like.

No way” replies Ace, shaking his head furiously.

How about 2 scooby snacks?”  Jay asks as he takes another bone out of the bag.

Uh Uh, Uuhh Uh” Ace continues to play along.

Come on Scoobert.


Jay is thrilled with this game and yes, the whole thing is as cute as it sounds.

 They act out an entire scene of Scooby Doo and when all is said and done, Ace has eaten an entire bag of graham crackers and Jay has eaten none.



Earlier today I got a report that the kids were acting out scenes from Scooby Doo again. 

The good news is that they were taking turns with the roles which means that Jay was eating the graham crackers when it was his turn to be Scooby.  YAY!!!

The bad news is that poor Ace is burnt out on Scooby Snacks and doesn’t want to keep playing that game or eating those snacks. 



Quick … Someone tell me of a show that both of my kids will like, where they can act out scenes and it will get Jay to eat some other new foods.  Preferably foods that have some nutritional value.  Thanks!


Waffles Make #7 February 12, 2013

It’s been well documented around these parts that Jay does not eat a wide variety of foods.  To re-cap … He eats a grand total of 6 things.

He eats NO veggies or fruits.  If you don’t consider McDonalds chicken nuggets to be real meat, then he doesn’t eat any meat either.  No rice.  No potato.  Not even cake, ice-cream or cookies.  You get the picture.

If left to his own devices, he would eat cheese doodles for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack.


A while back we started using the cheese doodles as a bribery mechanism.  For example, we would tell him that if he had eggs first, then he can have some cheese doodles.  He doesn’t like it and he fusses and complains but it has been working pretty well so far.  Up to last night, we’d only done it with foods that we know he already likes and eats.  Scrambled eggs, Honey Nut Cheerios, Ramen Noodles.

Last night, Ace decided he’d like some blueberry waffles for dinner.  No problem.  As parents, we’re cool like that.  (Or lazy .. whatever!)

Jay asked for cheese doodles.  CC offered him the usual deal.  A cereal bar or Ramen noodles first, then cheese doodles.  Jay agreed.

From the next room I yelled: “No. Let him eat something else.  Tell him waffles first, then cheese doodles.”

CC didn’t think it would work.  We’ve tried to strong arm Jay into eating different foods before and It. Just. Doesn’t. Work.


We tried anyway. We told him, “Waffles first, then cheese doodles.”  Jay was having none of it.  He yelled NO and begged for his cheese doodles.  When it was clear that he wasn’t going to get the cheese doodles he asked for a cereal bar.  Then he asked for cereal.  Then noodles.  CC would have caved but I wasn’t budging.  There was somewhat of a stand off then Jay angrily went into his room.

A few minutes later, while everyone else was in the middle of their dinner, Jay came and said “Waffles, then conkles.”  (Conkles is his word for cheese doodles.  It’s a derivative of corn curls which is what CC calls them.)

We popped a blueberry waffle into the microwave, put some syrup on it and guess who sat quietly and ate an entire waffle?  Then when his plate was clean he said “Now conkles?”


This is BIG!  I don’t expect him to start eating broccoli or asparagus anytime soon but any new item that we can add to his repertoire is exciting.


Also … I wonder what else we can get him to do by bribing him?


One of the many mysteries of my childs brain January 21, 2013

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Not that long ago we had 2 bags of cheese doodles in our snack cupboard.  Both bags had the same exact thing inside and looked exactly the same … if you only looked at the front of the bag.  Both bags were open but we noticed Jay was only eating the cheese doodles from one of the bags and the other bag was sitting neglected. 

I’ve talked about cheese doodles a lot here.  It’s my sons most favourite thing to eat.  It’s virtually a crime for us to run out.  We take them with us in the car and he takes them with him to school.  We have made night time walks to the corner store to get them.  Jay didn’t used to care what brand it was, although for a while he thought the Pathmark (a local supermarket) store brand was the best.

Now, he was discriminating against one of our bags and the reason …….. One bag had a picture on the back of a corn stalk and one didn’t.  He was only eating the ones from the corn-picture bag.  WHAT???  I have no idea where this came from or why it popped up or how he came to think that if the bag had a picture of corn on the back it was worthy of being eaten. 

The non-corn-picture bag ended up going stale (our fault).  We should have just thrown what was left into the corn-picture bag.  But now, when I go shopping and I pick up a bag of Cheetos, I inspect the back to make sure it has a picture of a corn stalk.  I only hope they don’t change the design of their bags any time soon.

Maybe we should wash and keep an empty bag somewhere just in case. 

I swear, I will never figure out how this kids brain works but it sure is interesting.



Another Monday January 15, 2013

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It’s about 6pm and Ace is doing home work.  I came home from work with a bag of fruits that I picked up at a farmers market.  I got strawberries, oranges and grapes.  Ace, CC and I are all fruit lovers.  Jay is not a lover of ANY food except cereal bars, eggs and chicken flavoured Ramen noodles.  When I say he is not a lover, what I mean is that he is a DESPISER.

Even though, I know it won’t be accepted, I offer Jay a grape and he looks at it as if it is a decaying corpse but  I can see that he’s trying to hide his smile.  He says “no” then he pushes my hand away and says “go“.  Mind you, he has never tasted a grape.

I decide to hold his head and push the grape into his mouth.  I’m thinking/hoping that if he tries it he may realize that he does like it.  Plus, it’s pretty funny seeing such a dramatic reaction to a simple little grape.

He screams as if I was trying to poison him and I learn quickly that he is much stronger and much more slippery than I knew.  He spits the offensive object out and rubs his mouth with his hand over and over to remove the taste.  I cannot even begin to describe the look of disgust that’s on his face.

Then he spots a broken off piece of candy cane that is lodged in the carpet.  Who knows how long it has been there or how many times it has been stepped on.  Jay picks it up and pops it into his mouth.  THAT tastes good to him.


I just don’t get it.  I want to get it.  Why is eating and food such an issue for him.  Is it the smell?  Is it just the look?  It can’t be the taste or texture because he’s never tried to eat most food items.


It’s about 7pm and all home work is done.  Ace is quietly building a plane with Legos.  I love that he can now quietly entertain himself.  I’ve waited 6 years for that.

CC and I are lounging around watching TV and Jay is bouncing around like Tigger all over the place.  I wonder when exactly the swap in their behaviour happened.  Just 2 days ago while he was bouncing around, Jay spilled a full cup of hot coffee all over me, himself and the bed.

I watch him and smile at his pure joy.  He finds a pile of folded clothes and throws them up in the air, then falls down onto the bed in time for the clothes to land on top of him.  He’s in sensory heaven.  He jumps around so haphazardly that he misses his footing and albeit gracefully, falls off the bed.  He’s not harmed and resumes his jumping.  I smile and CC grimaces.  CC isn’t too keen on all of Jay’s wild antics.  He worries that he will hurt himself one day.  Maybe I don’t worry enough.  Who’s to say.

Jay does a little spin and then says “watch this dad.”

Watch this Dad.  Wow!  Those 3 little words mean so much.  Jay spins again and looks at CC to make sure he was indeed watching.

He keeps up the spinning for a while before Ace appears in the doorway holding his finished plane.  It really is quite spectacular.  I shower him with compliments and he beams.


It’s almost 8pm which means it’s bed time.  I tell Ace that he’s my favourite 6 year old and he promises that he will always let me hug and kiss him, even when he’s big and has a girlfriend.  I tell Jay that he’s my favourite 5 year old.  He wraps his little arms around my neck and squeezes as tight as he can.


This is our life.  We are unpredictable.  Our personalities evolve.  Some of us eat fruit and one of us doesn’t.  Some of us bounce around and make mess.  We all liberally dish out cuddles and words of affection.  Some of us spill coffee and juice.  One of us (Ace) gets chocolate all over his hands eating ice-cream sandwiches and then leaves the chocolate mess on the soap dispenser.  Two of us are getting more independent but still need help.

None of us have it all figured out and CC and I are failing miserably at this parenting thing in many ways I’m sure.  But we all love each other and it’s clear and that is everything.



Where are Daddy? December 30, 2011

Things keep happening that I think I should tell you about and that I want to tell you about.  The problem is that I can’t organize them properly in my brain.


Let’s see? …


There was the time the other day in Target when I was with the 2 boys and CC had gone off to look for something.  When Jay realized that CC wasn’t with us he said (in a very deep voice) “Where are Daddy?

That in itself was enough to make me almost burst into tears right there in between the beauty products and the vitamins.  My heart started beating faster.  I felt warm and fuzzy all through my body.  I was grinning from ear to ear.

When CC came back to us Jay said, “There (or maybe it was here) you are.”


Thrilling.  Amazing.  So great to hear. I kept replaying it in my head all day and the next day and the day after that.  Yesterday I told a friend of mine who knows how hard we’ve worked at this and I must say, it really is wonderful to share things like this with people who share the joy with you.




There’s also the story that Jay ate 3 bites of cake from my friend on Christmas morning.  We were all so shocked no-one spoke a word.  We just looked around the table at each other and shrugged our shoulders, or raised our eyebrows and tried to pretend like it was all totally normal.  (Should I tell you that it was traditional Jamaican Christmas cake so there were fruits in it that had been soaked in alcohol?  No I think I’ll skip that part.  I don’t want anyone thinking I’m a bad Mummy.)

Then this morning he ate scrambled eggs.  OK, well CC was eating eggs and he offered Jay some and Jay took 1 bite and then another.  He ended up having 4 mouthfuls.  I never thought I’d be so excited to see my child eat cake and eggs.

*As a quick update, we’re not going to go through with the eating disorder hospital.  Insurance won’t cover it since Jay hasn’t been diagnosed with anything that makes eating difficult.  It’s rather expensive and his blood work came back showing that he’s not malnourished.  (Thumbs up!)


What else? …

I know I’ve told you before that Jay has good balance and that he’s coordinated but my friends, he has taken it to another level.   It’s quite amazing to see him with a football.  He’s good at kicking around a soccer ball too but in this case I mean he’s good, really good with an American football.  He can tackle, and he can take a hit and he can hug the ball and run and if he falls he won’t let go of the ball.  He can throw the ball up in the air really REALLY high and then catch it back.  And he ENJOYS it.

I don’t know if he will be able to ever be on a team.  I don’t know how these skills will manifest themselves in the future but for now I love watching him play.

I love that he has eaten a couple of new things.

I love that he’s putting words together and making real sentences.




I haven’t forgotten about Christmas.  I’ll tell you all about it in another post.  I just felt like telling you about the good stuff today.  About Christmas, all I will say right now is that …

Good friends > Difficult autism behaviours