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Let’s Call This One, Cookie January 24, 2014

(Please excuse all the poor grammar and run on sentences in this post.  Or don’t.  Either way, they’re there.)



Somewhere in this brain of mine is a cute (or funny) post about not knowing how to parent certain situations.  About needing some sort of help with figuring out what the right thing to do is.  About how torn I am between (this) excitedly screaming from mountain tops the fact that Jay is a tease and that he’s mischievous and that he purposefully does things to annoy his older brother and (that) trying to curtail his “bad” behaviour.  How I think it’s totally and completely freakin awesome because everything I’ve ever seen or heard tells me that younger siblings are supposed to annoy older siblings and ohmigosh Jay and Ace have a typical relationship and this is all new and fun to me because I never had that. But I know that it’s not fair to Ace to let Jay run amok.

Somehow I want to write about an afternoon that saw Ace asking for cookies and getting 2 cookies and eating one of them and then having Jay steal the other.  I want to write about how Ace was a split second too late in trying to grab his cookie before Jay swiped it.  About how just as I was telling Ace not to get upset because I’d give him another one and he was pleading his case that I’d missed the point that it wasn’t nice of Jay to steal his cookie, Jay came back and pointed to his mouth and said “Mmm, the cookie was good” which really got under Ace’s skin and I laughed and Ace got mad at me for laughing.





Alas, I can’t properly tell those stories because I jinxed myself and wrote a few days ago about how great things were going with the boys.

The wheels have fallen off the bus.  Jay has been an unhappy boy lately.  One minute he’ll be fine and the next minute he’ll be yelling and crying and telling me that he’s sad.  Sometimes I know why he’s sad; If he’s not getting his own way; But I can’t always let him get his own way.  Sometimes I know what it is and even though I’m willing to give him what he wants, it’s just not possible right then and there.  Sometimes I have NO clue what is going on.  It’s hard.

He has not been eating well at all.  Like … Worse than before … And before he was not a good eater.  I feel like he’s hungry which is contributing to his mood but he won’t eat.  I’m willing to feed him anything he wants but he turns down everything that I offer and he won’t suggest anything on his own.



Then in the middle of a crying spell, he will see that Ace has put down a favourite toy while he does his homework and Jay will crawl on hands and knees, pick it up and run away with it, laughing.

Ace will get mad and chase after him and I will laugh and then Ace will get mad at me for laughing.


So yeah – I need some sort of parenting manual.