Life On The B Side

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Just Jay February 26, 2015

Nobody’s job is perfect and most of the time it’s kind of a pain in my butt that the boys go to different schools; mostly due to them having different schedules and the juggling act can get tricky.

But there are days when I really love the job that I have and when the kids being on different schedules works marvelously.

Earlier this week, Jay had a half day at school so I packed up my laptop at twelve and headed home to wait for his bus.  Once we were both inside, I set up shop in my living room and Jay set about playing.

There was no fighting over who would get to use my phone and there was no jockeying for my attention.  Jay contentedly played with his animal toys and watched animal videos.  I worked on my spreadsheets and reports with the sweet sound of his scripting in the background.  Every so often he’d say “Mom?” just to make sure that I was still listening and I’d absent-mindedly say “mm hmm” or “yes” while I typed away.  That was enough to satisfy him.  I hope that doesn’t sound bad.  I was really enjoying having him as my background music.  He sounded so happy and peaceful and calm.  It made me happy and peaceful and calm.  When there was a burst of laughter from him it made me laugh also.  He even offered to share his snacks and juice with me.

I am thankful that I got that time with just Jay and that I have a job that allowed me that opportunity without me having to use up vacation time 🙂

Hopefully I get some time with just Ace soon. It’s quite amazing how different they are when they are alone vs when they are together.  One of my favorite things is their bond and seeing them play together.  I wouldn’t trade that relationship for having an “only child” – but it’s also nice when each of them and I can get time together – just 2 of us.