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A Quick Read – On Respect April 10, 2018

People have a tendency to talk about (not to) children – As if they are not standing right there.

People especially have a tendency to do this to special needs children.  Heck, people do this to special needs adults.


It’s often not consciously done and not intentionally meant to demean.  BUT IT IS DEMEANING.


I don’t think Shaunie and I have ever had a specific conversation about this – Which is why I was particularly pleased to get the below message from her this afternoon following a doctors appointment she took Jay to.


He is getting a shot as part of his 10 years shots.
I had to tell them to ask Jay questions instead of me. 
I never want him to feel like he doesn’t exist.
And he asks when he doesn’t understand a word they use.
He is human and he needs to be independent in most ways.
She drives me nuts sometimes (as spouses do) but in all the ways that count, she is a good egg.