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Finding Their Thing February 27, 2018

We’re still trying to find what the kids thing is.  That one extra curricular activity that they can excel at.  For some people it’s soccer, for some it’s an instrument for others it’s drama or art.


As a kid I did dance and brownies.  I took piano, I joined the Junior Red Cross, the 4H and the debate team.  I even spent time learning how to make lace by hand. *yawn*.  I was a cheer leader for like 2 days, I joined the track & field team because for some reason I thought I would be good at long jump.  NOT!  I still don’t have a thing.  I am more like the jack of all trades, master of none type and I wish it were different.  I wish I had one thing that I was good at.  A part of my issue is that the opportunities just weren’t there where I grew up.  I loved dance, but by 6th grade I had gotten to the point where if I wanted to learn more, my Grandparents would have had to drive me into Kingston (a one hour drive away) during the week after school and they weren’t willing to do that.  Another issue was that I am not musically inclined so while I had taken 8 years of piano, I was horrible.  The only thing I can play today is the C scale.  The sports that were easily accessed (track and netball) weren’t my strong suits.  I like to think my problem with netball was that I was kinda short; not that I lacked the athletic ability.  I think I would’ve enjoyed being on a swim team, but neither my school nor my home town had one of those.


So far, my boys have tried soccer and martial arts.  Both were a no-go.  We’ve checked out swim teams but the practice times don’t work for us.  The same with baseball.  Ace enjoyed being in the drama club and would love to audition for a role in the Spring play but it’s just not doable due to transportation issues.  He would need someone to pick him up at 4:30 and that’s not a commitment we can make.  Jay fortunately is able to be in his schools art club so that’s great for him.


Now we are trying tennis.  They meet on Saturday mornings at 9:30.  This we can handle.  I actually am a fan of tennis myself and make my way to a court whenever I can find a partner, (not that I’m very good but that has never stopped me before), so IF they like it and WHEN they get a little better at it, I would really enjoy playing with them.  So far, they’ve had one lesson and they both loved it.  It could be a really good event for them.  It takes a lot of energy and stamina – which they have.  It relies on individual effort, there’s little to no contact and they practice in small groups so they get some individual attention – which suits their personalities.  It doesn’t require a lot of expensive equipment – which suits my pocket.


Wish us luck!


Footballer June 15, 2016

Following the first session, a friend emailed me to ask how Ace’s football camp has been going.

Oh yeah, by the way, we signed Ace up for a 3 day football camp.   (American football, not the real football that American’s call soccer.)  🙂


Ace is not a tall kid.  His muscles are not well developed.  He’s not at all what you’d call rough and tough.  He’s never been on a sports team and has never really shown any interest in contact sports.  He’s more drawn to water activities or science experiments.  Nonetheless, we decided that it would be good for him to try something outside of his comfort zone.

Here’s my response to the email.


“The whole thing was actually really good.


It’s a camp set up by Walmart and they bring in former NFL players to coach the kids.  There were about 80 kids and 6 coaches.  They broke up into groups by age (the kids were 8 – 12) and then at intervals they would switch stations and work on a different drill.


He didn’t catch any of the balls they threw to him but he tried hard and did well with the other stuff.  The footwork and the “intro to tackling drill thingy”.  He wasn’t the only one that wasn’t good with the catching so it’s not like he stood out as a clutz.


When they were done with the physical training part they sat the kids down and a couple of the nfl’ers gave them a little talk about how they made it to the nfl and about hard work and discipline and listening to their parents and doing well in school etc.  There were some kids who were not paying attention or were clowning around and they called them out and brought them up to stand at the front and talked about respecting others and doing the right thing and being polite etc.  I was like dayum!  Thank God Ace wasn’t one of those kids.


He was exhausted when it was over but said he loved it and was ready to go back this evening.”


I was really pleased with how the first evening went.  It made for a long day since the camp is from 6pm  – 9pm and follows a full day of his regular summer camp, but all in all it’s worth it.  I’m glad anytime the kids spend less time on electronics and spend more time outside or spend time doing something new.  I’m big on having new experiences.  It’s kinda my thing.  I was proud of him for trying his hardest to do everything and for listening and following instructions.  I was super proud of him for sitting at the end – even though he was tired and hungry – and paying attention.  I was happy to hear that even though he knows he’ll have sore muscles he wants to go back.  We’ve already talked to the local coach and have decided to sign him up for a full season of football in the fall.  I’m not saying he’s headed for the NFL.  I’m not running out to buy him the latest and most expensive gear or turning into one of those crazy sports parents yelling from the sidelines.

Firstly, I’m glad he has a new outlet to burn off some energy.  Secondly, I’m glad that he’s realizing that he can do all sorts of different things and have fun doing things he never would have expected to like.   Thirdly, I like the non-physical aspects of being a part of a team; the discipline and responsibility and respect that’s taught and expected.