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Our DMV Summer July 12, 2017

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Lost camera, aching feet, bad bruise on hip, scratched knee, drinking contaminated water, bug bites, and sore finger tips – All in the last 2 weeks.

We’ve been having a great summer.

That’s not me being sarcastic.  We really have been having a good time.


I lost my water proof camera when we went river tubing.  It was my fault.  I rested it down in the drink pocket of the tube to help Jay and the next thing you know we both fell over and there went all my pictures from trips taken over the past 3 years.  I dived down trying to retrieve it, but river water moves quickly and it’s sandy and well, maybe it will wash up in China and someone else will get to use it.  Good for them.

Besides that little mishap, the tubing was relaxing and beautiful and the kiddos had a blast.


The aching feet and the contaminated water came about when we decided to spend the day touring the National Mall in Washington DC.  We’d been there a few times to various museums – Sometimes with the kids and sometimes not.  This trip though was because Ace has been asking to go to the Air & Space Museum and I’ve been wanting to take them to see the Lincoln Memorial and White House.  We decided to take the train into the city which only added to the fun for the kids.

Following the museum we got ice-cream and headed towards the other end of the mall.  Along the way we stopped to dip our feet in a big fountain, saw some trapeze artists from the circus doing a free show outside, bought over-priced pizza and iced coffee and posed for pictures.  After what felt like a lifetime we made it to the World War II memorial which I had never really checked out before.  It’s pretty cool in that there’s a big water fountain in the middle and then columns with each state etched into it.  People were finding the state they were from to take pictures.  By that point, we were so tired, even though we could see New Jersey, we couldn’t walk to New Jersey.  Oh well.  Did I mention that it was hot and sunny?  No?  Oh, well it was.

EVENTUALLY – (It is a LONG walk) – We got to the base of the Lincoln Memorial and it was time to climb the 87 steps that take you to the top.  *Fun fact* : 87 is equal to the “fourscore and seven years” from Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Address.

Even though my entire party was complaining about being tired, it was well worth the journey.  Jay announced that it had been a dream of his to see the statue (who knew?) and we all enjoyed the view of the Washington Monument from that vantage point.

But people, we still weren’t done walking.  We had to walk almost the entire way BACK to get to the nearest Metro stop.  Whew!  That’s when we came into contact with the contaminated water at a drinking fountain.  I don’t want to embarrass anyone though so I’ll leave that story alone.


We spent last Sunday at “our river”.  (A different one from the tubing).  I love the river.  We packed a cooler and found a new (not crowded) spot and just hung out.  There was a little water fall area that the kids kept sliding down.  I succumbed to peer pressure and decided to give it a try.  That’s where the hip bruise came from.  Hello rocks.  Note to self, leave kid things to kids.

We had snacks and climbed rocks and just spent a lovely afternoon with nature.  We closed out the day with a fire in the backyard and a bushel of crabs.  (Hot dogs cooked on the fire for the kids).  *Insert bug bites – despite those tiki bug torch thingys – and sore finger tips.*  We remedied the bug bite situation with bug spray and just dealt with the sharp edges of the crabs because – deliciousness.  And beer.  Beer helps to dull crab finger pain.


Yesterday we dressed up as cows to get free Chik-Fil-A and hit up a local fun place which included go karts and video games.  We have tickets to attend a reggae & wine festival and are hoping the weather is good enough for us to make it to a water park soon.


I hope everyone has been making the most of their summer; short as it is.  That doesn’t mean we are not thinking ahead to Christmas though so if anyone wants to gift us nut crackers for next summers crab eating, that would be just lovely 🙂





(p.s.  The DMV is DC, Maryland and Virginia)


Snitches Get Stitches August 7, 2014

We’d been camping before and it was always wonderful.  What we hadn’t been, was camping following a week long (and very tiring) trip to Florida and camping without CC.  It was anyones guess how it would go.


For starters, we had a 4 hour drive to get to the camp site.  We made one stop on the NJ Turnpike to get gas, something to drink and to use the bathroom.  That did not go well.  Apologies to the gas station attendant, the cashier at the rest-stop store, the young-ish gentleman who held the door open for us and to anyone who was unfortunate enough to be in the parking lot of the Woodrow Wilson rest stop on that day, at that time.  A couple of hours later we made a stop at Walmart to get fruits and charcoal in order to kill time since we were way ahead of the rest of our party.  That stop went perfectly well and was actually kinda fun.  You win some and you lose some.


 Camping itself was fun – as usual.  Sure there was the occasional whining and fighting and general fussiness due to being tired, but overall the adults  behaved themselves.   (ha ha!). 

Seriously though, there was a lot of tattling from all 4 boys which my friend Sun Man tried to discourage by telling them that “snitches get stitches.”  (so funny!)  Despite that, the kids all had a great time.  They spent A LOT of time in the river.  Man they loved that murky, cold, rocky, who knows what else river water. Yeesh.  They were in it from morning till night.  That’s not an exaggeration. 

S’mores were made and balloon rockets were fired off and there was dancing and a  full blown crab dinner.  Real rocks were thrown at real heads and boys tried to drown each other – all a part of the fun apparently (?!). 

To keep the adults sane there was an abundance of alcohol and there was much laughter. 

I found out through the game of Scruples that one of my friends is WAYYY more competitive than I realized and that my other friend would pick up a hitch hiker (still in this day and age) and that my other friend is a total softy when it comes to door-to-door sales people and that my other friend thinks that I might, “depending on the situation“, battle it out with her for a cute guys attention if we were both single. 


The trip wasn’t perfect but I would definitely mark it down as a success – even if the boys and I were happy to get home and to have no plans at all for the following weekend.



Pictures anyone?  🙂

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